The Shiloh Baptist Church in Bridgeport, CT

There is a commuter train that runs daily by the Shiloh Baptist Church, in Bridgeport. The Long Island Ferry glides by as well, as it makes its journey in between ports. If you happen to be traveling this way, take a long look at the church. It wasn’t always that gleaming shade of blue, and the roof was once in shambles. Hurricane Sandy tore half of the shingles off, and caused structural damage that greatly impeded daily activities there. The basement, which is where they have both the community room and daycare center, was flooded with five feet of sewage water. This all changed when Reverend Carl McCluster met Larry Janesky, owner and founder of Basement Systems, Inc., while they were working together on seeking scholarship applicants.

While touring McCluster’s church, Larry noticed the extent of Hurricane Sandy’s damage. Their congregation’s insurance company could only cover $25,000 of $125,000 worth in damages. Members helped to make temporary patch-up restorations on the roof, but getting funds for professional assistance was a struggle. After contending with buckets of rain water for two years, Larry decided enough was enough. He made a call to arms, assembling a vast network of contractors and friends. About one hundred volunteers pitched in to help, donating their time and skill over the course of a single day.