SFC Dave Colafati in Cheshire, CT

Mission: To assist SFC Colafati in continuing to create a “home sweet home” environment while he re-establishes his family bonds and reintegrates into his personal and work civilian life by installing a new roof on his home in Cheshire, CT.

About SFC Colafati: In 1998, SFC  Dave Colafati felt a calling to serve and enlisted at the age of 27. He went straight into the CT National Guard’s only infantry unit, the 102d IN.

In January 2006 this father of a 5 1/2 year old son deployed to Afghanistan with his unit as an Infantry Platoon Squad Leader. With an intense operational tempo, they suffered several wounded and one KIA. Yet Dave returned home and found himself having more comfortable on the battlefield than adjusting to life at home.  In November 2009 he returned to Afghanistan with the 102d IN .

In February 2011, he bought his first home in Cheshire, CT. A little ranch on a quiet street. The school system in Cheshire is highly rated, and it was a perfect opportunity for him to have his son to live with him and attend school in town. The house definitely needed work, but he saw the potential(and as they say- location, location, location). He did some handy work himself but knew when he bought the home that it was in need of a new roof.

In April 2013, Dave was promoted into the 1109th TASMG, an aviation unit based out of Groton, CT. He is currently on his third deployment at Camp Arian, Kuwait. His son is now 15 and a sophomore at Cheshire HS, and growing into an amazing young man. Dave looks forward to returning home in September and reconnecting with him and the rest of his family once again.