September 1, 2016

Announcing our 2nd ‘Santa Klaus Project’ Recipient…



We are pleased to announce our second Santa Klaus Project recipient, Clayton Chalfant of Westport, CT. 


Klaus Larsen Gives Back to Community


Clayton Chalfant is a 92 year old WWII Veteran, who resides in Westport, CT with his high school sweetheart and wife of 69 years. Their modest home was originally built by Clayton’s father-in-law in the early 1950s. Their financial obligations have become difficult to manage, and they have been living with assistance from the Veterans Administration. Their current roof is over 20 years old, and is showing many signs of wear including cracked and curling shingles. It has been repaired a few times by family members, following both Hurricane’s Sandy & Irene, however the roof is now in dire need of replacement.


An Image of a Soldier

Not too long ago, Clayton Chalfant submitted a letter to the editor of his local newspaper. The topic was citizenship. He recalled a moment when his first grade class pledged allegiance to the American ag. As he said, “This memory surfaced many times while standing guard duty in Europe in WW II.” Clayton went on to say, “…the formation of my citizenship helped me become a better soldier while fighting for Uncle Sam.”


Clayton Chalfant is 92 years old young and a lifelong resident of Westport, CT. At 18 years old, he joined the army and served as a half track gunner in the Third Armored Division in the attached 486th Anti Aircraft Auto-Weapons Battalion. This division traveled 1400 miles in 11 months engaging in steady combat from Normandy, France to just south of Berlin. Clayton’s battalion was instrumental in liberating Belgium from the Germans. For many years, members of his battalion gathered for reunions, demonstrating the power of the brotherhood that lived on long after their events on the battlefield. Deep within this World War II vet is the valor of a soldier, the loyalty of a comrade, the patriotism of an American and the courage of one from the greatest generation.




Although Clayton rarely spoke of his combat experiences, it was clear that the effects of war were lifechanging. He had the honor of representing Westport and attending the 50th anniversary of V Day in France in 1994. He participated in the re-lighting ceremonies at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. At the end of the war, one memory that made an impression on Clayton was the devastation and desecration of the towns ravaged by the war. As part of his 1994 trip, Clayton had the opportunity to visit Westport’s adopted town of Marigny, France which is the town Westport helped to rebuild in the 50 years after World War II.


The Santa Klaus Project, CT

Clayton’s home in Westport, CT with roof in disrepair