August 4, 2016

Klaus Larsen & The Klingberg Family Centers


The Klingberg Family Center was founded by John E. Klingberg, Swedish born immigrant who knew, early on, the hardships of poverty. From a young age, John derived hope from his faith and the benevolent kindness of others. After moving to the United States, He served the community of New Britain, CT as a pastor. In 1903, he began selflessly helping kids in need, when he provided shelter for three orphaned children who had been found living in a shack. What followed was the development of the ‘Klingberg Family Home.’ Its goal was simply to provide a safe haven for children who were without a caregiver. Over 2000 children were given a safe place to live, and in 1968 John’s grandson, Haddon Klingberg Jr, Ph.D took over the center. It was then that the home went from being a temporary sojourn to a place providing treatment and education to ‘Klingberg Kids.’

Today, Klingberg Family Centers is a private, non- profit organization serving nearly 3,000 individuals each year through an array of more than 20 treatment services. Their programs are designed to serve children and families whose lives have been traumatized by abuse and neglect in their various forms, severe family difficulties and behavioral health issues.

Their main campus is located on a 40-acre hilltop in a residential section of New Britain. They also offer Community Services from offices in the Colt neighborhood of Hartford.

Learn more about the Klingberg Family Centers here.